Ink and Honey has been providing the Tri Cities with professional, custom tattoos for over a decade.


Have a look through our galleries. Each of our artists is passionate about their craft, and all have individual styles. Between the four of us, we are confident that one of us can work with you to create an everlasting piece of art. 


Open Mon-Sat 11-6ish!


Experienced tattoo artist

Steve Maidana



Steve Maidana opened Ink and Honey Tattoos in 2005. With over 12 years of experience, he has become a staple in the Tri Cities area. Steve has a style all his own, specializing in trippy robotic and demonic creatures. Each design is one of a kind, and something dreamt up from one of your favorite sci-fi movies. He has a lot of experience covering up even some of the more difficult tattoos, and is currently offering to cover up hate tattoos for free.

Jordyn Smithson




Jordyn Smithson has been with Ink and Honey for 6 years, which is also where she got her start. Jordyn enjoys designing brightly coloured, unique tattoos, with animals or lady faces. She is heavily inspired by kawaii and horror and sometimes even mixes the two together! Jordyn's other areas of expertise include black illustrative tattoos and floral.

Tattoo shop
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Jolene Harrison

Jolene is the newest artist to join Ink & Honey. She started tattooing in 2014 after a few years of art school. She specializes in illustrative blackwork and dotwork style but also enjoys doing bright colourful pieces. She loves tattooing anything pop culture related, Disney, nature and floral. 

               Rustie Wilson




Ever since crawling out of the pits of hell, Rustie has been influenced by Japanese art; starting at a young age drawing anime, and later on becoming inspired by ukiyo-e woodblock prints and folklore.


In 2014 she began her tattoo apprenticeship at Ink and Honey. For the first year of her apprenticeship she focused mainly on American Traditional tattooing. Between this, and her art history, she has developed a contemporary, bold tattoo style and strives to create a truly unique and custom piece for each client.


Now, Rustie spends a lot of her spare time painting and drawing japanese influenced material, and enjoys bringing this style to many different subjects in her tattooing, including—but not limited to—skulls, dragons, flowers, cats, snakes, goats, and strange humans. 


Professional tattoo studio

Janaya Singer

Janaya originally got her start as an apprentice at Ink and Honey in 2007. After gaining experience at other studios, she has since returned to her hometown shop! She is known for her beautiful large scale floral and nature tattoos. Her use of colour and black and grey shading are equally exceptional. She describes her style as neo-illustrative with a touch of realism.


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